Tuesday, December 30, 2014

the crime scene ( hybridized fanfiction)

                     "MCGEE!" Screamed Leroy Jethro Gibbs. All of NCIS was in complete chaos, trying to see through the green spectrum of light. "Where the hell are we?" Demanded Gibbs.
              " Umm..... well, boss, it look like we are in Hogsmead, Scotland." McGee said uncertainly, typing away at his computer.
                    "Oh that reminds me of the movi-....OW!" cut off by Gibbs head slapping him, Tony noticed the green light was starting to disappear.
                  There it stood. The huge citadel  barely visible through the fog. Yes, Hogwarts was in full swing with  spells flying around and the flying brooms wizzing by people.
       "Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on?" Demanded a frustrated Gibbs.
                 "Well it seems that we are in some mythological time frame where young men and woman use magic to solve their problems. That  reminds me of the time...."Ducky was cut off by a mysterious shaped woman and a old bearded man who was wearing a gown.
                  " Yes, it seems that one of our students has been murdered by another student." McGonagall said with sadness etched in her eyes.
             "I see. Where can we start?"
they were lead into the castle where the crime scene was.
           " Jethro, look at this body. It is spectacular! It is nothing I've seen before." With excitement Ducky started weighing the heart.
    "Poor dear. So young. My dear, who ever did this to you will surely pay for what they have done. I once had a friend who lost his finger ...."
               " What do you got ducky?" said Gibbs without his signature coffee cup.
                        "Well as you know this person was killed by a magic that I don't know much about. What I do know however is that there is nothing wrong with the body. it seems that whatever spell was used stopped the heart."
                " It looks like the Avada Kedavra spell. It's the only spell that kills someone," said a small, frizzy-haired girl.
        "who are you?" Demanded Gibbs.
            " I am Hermione Granger, sir."
                "And what are you doing here?"
    " I was sent to bring you to dinner, sir. You and your whole team will be eating with Gryffindor tonight sir." she starts heading towards the dead girl, staring at her sadly. " I knew this girl you know. I grew up with her, her brother is my best friend. Does he know what happened to her?"
"I'm sorry sir they told me because they thought I could help with your investigation. I will just go now, don't be too long dinner will be served soon." Hermione left. Ducky turned to Gibbs.
                   " Jethro, i wish we were back home. This work place is so.... I miss my room." both ducky and Gibbs headed to the dining hall.
      " Gibbs! Gibbs, Gibbs! look what I found." Abbey Shuto screamed running into the room wearing the Hogwarts uniform.
              " I need my caffeine Gibbs! They don't have coffee or anything."
" I know Abbs It's torture," said Gibbs sadly" everyone seated at the Gryffindor table next to the frizzy haired girl named Hermione and a black haired kid with a scar on his forehead.
"Please, everyone, let's welcome the NCIS agents for coming to help us figure out the crime." bellowed Dumbledore.

                                The whole room instantly exclaimed, with the loud clapping of the thousand students.

     "Oh MY GOD, Gibbs! Look at these thingy- mabobs." Waving a wand around. Abby turns to the students, she took it from. " What do you call it?"
               "Bloody hell, woman! what have you been doing? living under a rock?"
                   "Ron, be nice to her. She is a muggle." Defended Hermione.
    "So what are you guys like math maticians?"
                  "Ziva, you mean magiticans." said  Dinozzo rolling his eyes.
 "Everyone, listen up" screamed gibbs. Everyone's attention was suddenly drawn to him. "We figured out the murderer of miss Ginny Weasley."
Ron instantly turned pale, not knowing it was his sister who died.
"She was killed by a death spell. Does anyone know who could of have cast this spell?"

Almost everyone in the room put their hand up. " Yeah, you" He picked a boy with blonde  hair from slytherin.
 " of course  it's the dark lord He- who-must-not-be-named."

"and who the hell is that?"
"sir, we do not say his name. It-"
" i dont care! What is his name?"

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Those Teachers

Do you know the feeling when you get a  test back and you thought you really did well,but then you turn it around to see you failed it? Or the time when your teacher says its going to be an easy test then when you get it you dont know any of the questions? teachers can be a pain in the but sometimes. Am i right? One minute your on the teacher's good side then the next your getting a detention for no reason. The spanish teacher i had for my first year of highschool was the most confusing teacher ever! the worst part was you couldnt say "SHUT UP!" Like really of all the words you could say it has to be that one. the one everyone says on a daily basis. almost every class i had for her she caught someone saying that word. And guess what her punishment was! yeah it was cleaning her classroom. I mean i love her but i was never caught saying shut up in her class, so i cant really complain.

                Do you know the feeling in the morning when you get to your first period class and your thinking God is the day over yet. Wanting to slam your head on the table because you feel like dying. Yeah why dont teachers understand we students brains dont work until at least ten oclock. what the teachers really dont know is that all we students here is blah blah homework blah blah blah test next class blah blah see you next class. Thats not even the worse part. the worst part is when you get bombarded with homework. your like yeah i have no freaking life thanks for making me have a reason not to have a life! And all the teachers get angry when you dont do their work what they dont understand is they have five other different homeworks they had to do on top of the homework do in that class.

            Dont you just love math class when your doing quadratic equations and polynomials and then you have that one student who asks why they have to do it? then the teacher's answer is because in life you have to do it. Then when you ask them how you use it in life they either dont have an answer or they "  because if you want to be a math teacher later in life then you have to." Who the heck wants to be a math teacher when you get older? Oh yeah no one! We are never going to use any of this stuff later in life.

            I walk into the school remembering how aweful this school was. The same old cranky teachers, halls smeeling like mildew. I enter the classroom all the boys are nudging each other saying cruel things to each other. one word in particular catches my attention. "shut up!" i turn my head and look at the boy, black hair that always is covering his eyes, blue eyes that you can barely see peeks out from under his long hair. oh yes that is definetly him, Jimmy Johnson. The teacher doesnt even look up from what she was doing and she says that one aweful word that everyone hates to hear.

that one word that ruins everyones day when you hear it. all the students go back to their warm up. currently doing the math problems on the board, Jimmy raises his hand. The teacher looks at him.

                       "Yes Jimmy"
He hesitates first, " Mrs. murphy why do we have to do this math work. i mean we are like never going to use this in class."
                                            Everyone in the class agrees everyone attentive for my answer to his question. " Why jimmy thats a excellent question."

                      I get up from my desk leaving my grading for later, i walk up to th front, everyone staring at me, waiting for the answer.

                I smile enjoying this mment in life where i can reflect and see how i thought about the same thing at the same age. " Why Jimmy there is only one reason for doing math probelms and all the homework you have in school."

" Its because you have to use this material later in life."


Friday, December 5, 2014

(list poem) the advice

1. When someone comes up to you and asks you to be a partner in their project, say no.

2. When your brother asks for a favor saying " its really important" ignore him and tell him no.

3. In school, don't be that person who skips classes and doesn't do work because your going to pay for
 it later in life.

4. Never ever let a guy ask you out by texting because nothing can come out good from technology.

5. When you leave an essay to the night before its due, you know its going to get a failing grade. Don't do that.

6. When your dog comes into your room begging for something, don't ignore him because in the
future he will get back for you ignoring him.

7. Don't ever believe your friends when they say its P J day and  then you end up being the only one in them all day.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

the Erised (student generated poetic form)


                                 They either haunt you or don't
                                      they either make you happy or sad
                                         The sad type
                                            make you jump
                                                  get chills
                                       cause you to have nightmares
                              but most of all they make you think
                                   why did I have this dream?
                                  does it mean something?
                                    why can't I have a nice dream?
                                     why do we have dreams at all?
                                              no one knows!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

the other world (light verse)

                                  Wands at hand
                                   Chanting spells
                                    BOOM! POW! WAM!
                                    they disappeared

                                      Fireballs a flying
                                   Every direction you look
                                         watch out!
                                     Swooping up and down
                                       back and side ways
                                         faeries a running
                                        poor wizards watch out!


Monday, November 17, 2014

The candle ( 3 stage poem)

                                                    Poem 1

                                          strong, brave, a war veteran
                                            this is what this candle is.
                                       he had many achievements under his belt
                                            Over the years though he weakened
                                              the light above his head dimmed
                                              till one day you could barely see it
                                      the candles family knew that his time was coming to an end
                                                  when one day no one saw his light
                    with tearful eyes the family buried the candle in the grave yard of all candles
                                                            "the trash can"
                                         they threw matches and lighters while buring him.
                                           even after his death no one forgot about the candle
                                          he had great candles and candles that he left behind.
                                     all the candles miss him dearly but they couldnt bring him back
                                                       with sad eyes they healed their wax hearts
                                                           until the day they didnt cry
                                                     then finally did their light shine once more.

Revision: I decided to do stanzas in the next poem because it needed to be broken apart.

                                                    Poem 2
                                     strong, brave, a war veteran
                                        this is what this candle is
                             he had many achievements under his belt.

                            over the years though he weakened
                            the light above his head dimmed
                               till one day you could barely see it
                                     the candle's family knew,
                                   his time was coming to an end.

                                 one day no one saw his light
                                 with tearful eyes the family buried
                                     the candle in the graveyard,
                                                  of all candles
                                                       "the trash can"
                            they threw matches and lighters were buried with him

                            even after his death no one forgot about the candle
                          he had great candles and candles he left behind

                             all the candles miss him dearly
                                       but they couldn't bring him back
                                   with sad eyes they healed their wax hearts
                                             until the day they didnt cry
                                          and then finally did their light shine.
revision: i decided to change some of the words to make it sound better

                                                       poem 3
                                       strong, brave, a war hero
                                         this is what the candle is
                                     awards started piling up

                                               years passed by,
                         his light that once shined bright, now barely visable
                                     the candle's family knew,
                                   his time was coming to an end.

                         one day his light disappeared
                           with tearful eyes, the family buried him,
                      the grave yard of all candles, "the trash can"
                               they buried him with lighters and matches.
                                things that he absolutely adored.

                                          after the death,
                   no one forgot about the candle
                      he had great candles and candles
                                   sadly left behind

                            all the candles miss him dearly,
                          but they couldn't bring him back
                              their wax hearts healed overtime
                               until the day they didn't cry
                        finally their light shined brighter than ever.

revision: i decided to make the poem more vague so it wouldnt be about one particular thing.
                                                 Poem 4
                                                the candle
                                         full of light and happiness
                                            deep wounds healed

                                             years passed by,
                                    growing smaller every year
                                                   light dulled
                                             growing small

                               the candle was barely visible
                                           limited days left
                               one day darkness encased him

                                            candles left behind
                                                  life must go on
                                                      a new candle

                                      fresh wax, tall ever
                                 ready for life to  begin
                                       no one ever forgot
                                         the candle though.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall (synechonoche)

Fall. Leaves floating every where you look. Changing color very very slowly. falling and falling like a feather in a sky. Going where ever the wind takes them. The crisp sound of the crunch of stepping on them. The giggling of kids jumping in them having the fun. too soon the leaves disappear until the next fall.

Friday, October 24, 2014

anger letter

Dear  family,
       I love you guys with all my heart but sometimes i have the feeling you don't love me back. Dad you are the worse offender of that. i know your not the guy to show affection to us but would it kill you just to say i love you. i feel like you love only brian. I don't blame you for liking brian better i mean he is the superstar. The baseball prodigy and what the hell am i but a mediocre basketball player. Dad i hate that you never tried to go to my basketball games. it killed me, i used to always look for you in the bleachers but i never aw you. Yet you have the all the time in the world to go to brian's games. You say you have work but yeah dad you have work during baseball season but yet you find the freaking time to go to his games and not mine. That hurts. I feel like i'm pushed aside like a piece of trash that people don't care about. Like no one cares about me. The only thing that matters to you is stupid baseball. Really i live baseball too but i hate how you, (dad) don't care. Brian always have the newest things and there is me with my four year old crap . You have spoiled that kid rotten with all the stupid crap. he doesn't know how money really comes from. You gave hoim the notion that money never stops coming. Well news flash we got bills to pay and i have seen mom worries about the bills, but you still go on your spending sprees and don't care. brian is too freaking cocky, dad you caused that. You made his head so big on the idea that no one is better than him. You always take Brian's side no matter what and to be honest i can't belive how much of a jerk you are. You always side with him you never stick up for me and when i do you just tell me to  shut up. I sometimes feel like if i just disappeared i wouldn't be missed at all. Mom is the only one that understands, but sometimes she doesn't none of you guys do. You guys don't understnad how much stress i deal with in a everday basis. School work is one of my major stress things. You don't understnad how i study much, how i have so much homework then other people. I need to do this because i don't think like an average person. You guys should know. i went to sylvan in second grade because i was slower then all the other kids. I need to do this to keep my grades A's and B's.wrighting this has somehow made me feel better, but i know you guys will never see this and it pins me knowing that. I doubt you even care you would just deny it all saying i'm overreacting i'm not. This is what i see and know for a fact.
     Sincerely, Your sister/ daughter

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Christmas Miracle (timed prompt)

It was Christmas Eve. Fog stuck to the tarmac at Lingbergh Field. Aunt Mariah and Grandma Rose are bickering about who the hell knows. While they bickered my uncle Peter and Grandpa  Joe were talking to the receptionist about an alternative route to New York. My mom and Dad must be worried out of their mind. The kids were whining and tugging at our clothes saying Santa Clause wouldn't find them there while my uncle Tim was passed out on the floor. This has got to be the worst Christmas Eve ever. The snow piled up outside making all my hopes fell that very moment when uncle peter and Grandpa came back with grim expressions  all over their faces.
      "All the planes are delayed until the snow can stop. Sorry honey looks like we won't make it home to see your baby sister born after all." My grandpa explained with sadness in his eyes. I nodded my head fighting back tears. This is the only thing I want. To see my baby sister get born. I can't believe it I'm going to miss my baby sister's birth. We all sit down not saying anything. I pick up my four year old cousin and fall asleep to the sound of my everyone crying.
   "Quick wake up honey!" I was jerked awake by my Cousin Ryan. I glance up and there is this guy. He looks like he just did an all nighter, he was tall with a full bearded. He had bags under his eyes and looked like he was about to drop, but he still agreed to give us  ride home. 
            "This man said he can give us a ride on his plane to the New York. Beatrice we are going to make it sweetie." I laugh with happy tears streaming down my face.  I ran up to the guy and thanked him for helping me have my wish come true. In an hour we were all  at the hospital. It was exactly twelve o'clock when my baby sister was born. I forgot about everything else but my sister when she looked at me. Her blue eyes stared at me in awe. I'm her older sister now, the one to protect her, the one to help her through life. This is the best Christmas gift ever. All I have to thank is that man. He was tired and wanted to go home but he gave us a lift still. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here. Thank you Mr. plane guy. Thank you for everything. Have a Merry Christmas, you sure deserve it.

     PS: The author said that when she gave her student this prompt she said that almost all wrote about bad things like death, and violence. I don't agree with her, I wrote a prompt and it was happy ending nothing  bad happened. No one died or had violence. Not all people write violence when they read this prompt.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The chosen one ( Short fiction)

     "Welcome to Camp Demigod!" The guy screamed in my ears before i blacked out from exhaustion. I've been to the camp for about a week and it has been living hell.

      " Ow! What was that for?" I rubbed my head.  I just got to this stupid camp and  still trying to grasp the idea my father wasn't who I thought he was. My father is a greek god, yeah I know hard to  believe my father wasn't human.
      "Come on Dork we need to get to sword practice or we have to clean the pegasus' stables for a week." The beef guy shoves me in front of him again.
      "Hey! One my name is Jordan Thompson and two I need to get my sword so EXCUSE ME!" I was now in his face. I know I'll probably get beat up but i don't care. I'm sick of people pushing me around.
      " You little-..."
   " Um... guys break it up. I'll take him to his cabin and Jeff, you can go to practice." said a beautiful angel with amazing blonde hair and baby blue eyes that you can get lost in. Wait a minute what just happened. all I remember is she who ever she is yanking me into my cabin. "Don't worry about him he is just trying to show his authority. He gets that from his father, but really he is real nice guy after you get to know him." She sticks out her hand, a huge jagged scar broke the surface of her pale hand. She doesn't seem to be fazed that i'm staring at her scar. Something about the hand gave me weird feeling so i didn't shake it. She got the message and dropped her hand somehow nonchalant about it.
           " My name is Izzy. My mother is Aphrodite, you know the goddess of love." She curls her hair around her finger. She is biting her lips from giggling i just know it. Oh god how did i get into this situation. I feel like a magic blanket fall over me. I somehow had the odd sensation to listen to her to never leave her and I-.
      " Mr. Jordan your missing swords class!" Yelled Mr. Sniden. He was satlking towards us like he was about to beat me to the ground. He gave Izzy a weird look like he knew something we didn't. He grabs me rather harshly i may add and we walk towards the building rather fast. "She's trouble Jordan don't get near her. I don't quite know what she is up to but i do know that its bad."

        "Damn it if that stupid teacher didn't come  I would of have him." He was so close of touching my hand if he did he would of been charmed." I kneeled down in front of the mistress " I'm sorry my lady I was unable to lure the chosen one out of the camp."
       " Thats okay my dear. You must try harder, the teachers might think your up to something, but they won't do anything. Now off with you child. Make sure you get the son of Zeus before he finds out who he is. He is still very weak we may have a chance. be gone child and don't come back without him."

 The chosen one is super cute only if i wasn't trying to kill him i might actually give him a chance.
    " Dude, i swear when you got back to class the teacher was different, he didn't attack you as good as he could have!" Jeff said. Me and him are buddy buddy i guess. I rubbed my body i'm pretty sure there will be bruises there tomorrow. " Yeah, well lucky me i guess."
       Hi, Jordan would you like to go to Pegasus point with me and i'll show you my new archery skills. They are pretty awesome and maybe i'll teach you some new moves." she was full out flirting with me. I have this weird feeling though. "Nah i'm good Izzy i promised the guys i would play hoops with them." Phew that was close.
     " I didn't  know you told the guys you would play with them? asked a confused Jeff.
    " I didn't i just said it so i could get away from her. Something about her freaks me out.
   Stupid, stupid i should of waited for him to be alone then i can get him. Aha there he is ready hmm oh maybe i should hide behind that tree yeah, then i can knock him out.
     I can't get her out of my head maybe if i walk near the forest my bain would actually function. Ooh look a flute one of the satyrs must of dropped it. "Wha-..."
      Urg. my head hurts what the hell happened?
         "Yes my lady i have the chosen one he is currently unconscious but he should wake up soon.
        " Good job Izelica, i'm sure your mother would be proud.
    "Proud? Please she wouldn't be, she only cares about her hair!"
    " Very true my dear. That is all i needed. Go train the other demigods while i deal with him.
      " What the hel-" i was cut of by the mysterious lady.
     " Please don't  swear in my castle young man!" Oh my god she is a goddess. oh crap is it insulting to say god in front of a goddess. which goddess is it come on rack your head dumby.
      " If you haven't figured my name out yet it is Hera. Yes my child the wife of Zeus."
" What do you want with me?"
    " Oh i want you for the greatest thing in the world, I'm going to kill you my child. Your father deserves it after cheating on me.
      Wait she can't mean-. "My father is zeus? Thats impossible my teachers said Poseidon, Hades and Zeus made a oath to never go after humans again! Your lying and kill me? what for?"
    "Your right my child they did. But atlast my husband doesn't listen. Izzy is an example of his idiotic behaviors. He cheated on me and dated Aphrodite for a little bit. I felt sorry for the child so I recruited her. Yes kill you it will show Zeus he can't be sneaking around and thinking i wouldn't find out.
" You mean she tricked me."
"Yes she did sweetie and it is time to die my child".
"Wait if i'm zeus' child, I can fight you!"
      " You can't beat me child. Your a weakling your nothing but a bastard child and  i'm a  goddess!."
    " Oh, you just watch lady i got this sword here and i'm not afraid to use it."
" Come here you little-"
" Hahha you can't catch me! your too big to grab me. OOH there is an escape door yes oh and yes rocks.
" Hey Hera how much do you like rocks because your about to be rocked by a puny demigod." I throw tons of rocks and i run for my life. Wait this is a five story building i can't jump i'll die. What the hell maybe i can fly hopefully i don't die.
oh god i hope i make out of this alive!"
"Why the heck am I called the chosen one ?

Friday, October 3, 2014

The arrangement ( one act play)


                Jessica Murphy: single, 35 year old, best friends with Nancy Rose

                Nancy Rose: Married 36 year old just wants her friend to be happy

                Time: Walking down town. Just came from the movie.

Nancy: Come on Jess, that guy at the movies was totally checking you out!

Jess: No he wasn’t Nanc, he was checking out the girl behind me!

Nancy: Sure he was. (sarcastically)

Jess: How’s you and Mac?

Nancy: Good. My Joey is good too by the way.(rubbing her stomach) He does like kicking  a lot when I’m eating  ice cream though. He is definetly his mamma’s boy. I can’t wait him come out though.

Jess: Come on! Your excited about having your first baby. I better be the godmother by the way. Im gunna spoil that kid rotten with tons of toys!

Nancy: Yeah, I might think about that. (jess slaps her friend on her arm playfully).Hey don't hit me im carrying a very pressious item in my stomach! Speaking of family hows mike your boyfriend?

Jess: Well.. um… I kind of broke up with him like oh I don’t know… a year ago!

Nancy: WHAT! You told me you had a date with him yesterday!

Jess: Yeah umm well I lied because I know how you are. You will be pressing me to find a guy. My dad is the same way. Almost every friday, he has one of his work buddies bring their son for dinner. I hate it their so yucky!

Nancy: You do need to get married though. its been four year since Eric's death. you’ve have to start  finding a husband.

Jess: I’m fine. I love single life. I wouldn’t like to settle down yet and yes, i know he died that long ago but we were married for a year and i can't just let him go. He died so sudden, i can't believe he's gone.

Nancy: I know its been hard for you, but come on Jess you’re not going to be young forever!(elbowing her friend playfully) I mean look I’m already getting gray hair. GRAY HAIR! I’m so old!

Jess: Your so pretty Nanc, you don’t have to care about age. Mac loves you just the way you are.

Nancy: Yeah, he does. Hey you want to have a lady's night out tomorrow at chateau?

Jess: Sure I’ll love it. We haven’t had one in years. I’ll pick you up at seven.

Nancy: well …um actually I’ll meet you there. I…um have something to do before it.

Jess: Okay, You better not be setting something up again. I’m not going to have another date with your cousin Jeff. He creeps me out.

Nancy: Oh, don’t worry none of that. Just a night out with your best friend.(she hugs her best friend and goes in the opposite direction)

                                                Jess enters the restaurant. Hoping to see her best friend waiting for her)

Jess: Hi, I’m looking for my friend have you seen her, my name is Jessica Murphy. (Asking the receptionist)

Waitress: Yes, right this way Ms. Murphy.(walk to the table) Oh! My he’s a cute one!Good luck.(she whispers and winks at her before she leaves)

Jess: Umm…. I think I have the wrong table so…

Cody: (overlapping) No you’re in the right place. Hi I’m Cody, Nanc’s step brother.

Jess: So you’re telling me she set me up with another one of her family relatives. (Sigh) You must think I’m a loser. Your sister makes you go on a date with her best friend who has no life. Cody, you don’t have to do this. I’ll just g-

Cody: (over lapping) No it’s okay I’m actually the one who gave her the idea. I want to have this date.

Jess: well umm…okay. If you say so. (sitting down at table)I’m so going to kill Nancy for this and she can’t blame her hormones on this one for sure.

Cody: Yeah, sis can be like that sometimes.

Jess: So your Nanc’s step brother. I never knew. I’ve been her friends for ten years and yet I still didn’t know she had a brother.

Cody: she found out she had a step brother six months ago. I came to her house out of the blue. She ran up baby bump and all and hugged me.

Jess: ( laughs and wipes a tear from her eye). That sounds like nanc .

Cody: Yeah, why is Nanc so adamant about you dating?

Jess: She’s just worried about me.  After my husband Eric died from cancer, she has been trying for me to start dating again . Its been four years and I haven't dated anyone but people from Nanc's family. Which is quite embarresssing by the way!She says I have to marry soon. She just wants me to be happy like her.

Cody: I'm sorry Jess, i didnt know. What was Eric like?

Nancy: He was the nicest man ever. the old saying "the good always dies young" ring a bell when ever I think about him. It's been hard with out him.

Cody: I'm glad you stayed for dinner then. I'm sorry you must be still grieving him. I'm such an idiot. You probably want nothing to do with me.

Nancy: Not true at all. I'm not grieving over him anymore. Your not an idiot either, you didn't know.(grabs his hand ) I would love to enjoy time with you.

                Cody payed for dinner and drove her home. They are talking in front of her house.

Jess:  I had a lovely time Cody.Much better than cousing Jeff, i had a date with two weeks ago. Call me when Nancy has her baby.

Cody: yeah, I will. Eww! You had to go out with smelly Jeff. Looks like i don't got much competition then.

Jess: Yeah, don't remind me of those dates. They were quite traumatizing experience for me.

Cody: Would you like to go out next friday night?

Jess: I would like that a lot. Cody thanks for everything. Tonite has been… amazing. I can’t wait for next Friday. Good night Cody, i'll be counting the days till our next date.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

feedback for peers

Chris C. Fat is fun, I loved the title because first of all it is so true. I loved the writing piece because I can really relate to what people think about big people. They really do think big people are stronger and it is kind of ridiculous. I also like eating my food too I'm not the type to eat an apple for lunch and be not hungry. I also play basketball and I'm a center so all I do is basically make sure no one scores. Everyone used to always call me a wall in basketball because no one could get by me. I think your post is awesome. I can relate in so many ways.

Abby Martin, unreliable narrator, I believe it was great. The way she did the point of view made it feel like Todd was the bystander than the killer. It made you have to think about Todd's point of view and what he did, was the right thing. I thought your blog was great.

Jessica neuwfell, The dark side, I love the irony and almost foreshadowing in the beginning of the post. She was about to kill herself and then in the end he dies. Its kind of sad in a way because it was her best friend. It is so sad but also so good. I thought it was so sad that she still went to their spot even though he passed away. It was foreshadowing because in the beginning she was about to kill herself if it wasn't for Lucas she would have, but because lucas wasn't there to stop her she killed herself. I thought it was sad, but so good.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The new girl : Unreliable narrator

The new girl. She's been all over my boyfriend all week. I really don't appreciate her having him carry her books even though her arm is broken. I mean her arm might be broken but she could carry it in one hand. She just kissed him on the cheek! She kissed him! So she is new, everyone is going to forget about her in month. My boyfriend, Jake Oscars thinks he is being the nice boy and helping her around. I'm suppose to have all his attention always. Who the heck does this girl think she is? The new girl isn't even pretty. What the heck do all the boys see in her? They are staring at her like she is a piece of meat. Oh My God! I can't believe him he gave his number to that girl. I'm his girlfriend, the lead cheerleader and he is the star football player. We are meant to be together. Oh great, here comes the new girl and Jake now. "Sweetie Pie, I want  you to say hello to Janet. She's new here, I offered to go to the movies with us." She stared at him like he is god. Who the heck does this girl think she is? "Oh, of course. That would be lovely." Yeah right! Your coming to mess up our date. "How bout Janet meets us at my house because you will already be over my house. "My boyfriend was glaring at me." Honey she doesn't know where you live!" trying to keep his voice calm. "Oh right I forgot your the new girl." "yeah, she is so I'll pick her up and bring her with me when I come to you house."

 "Julie, I'm here with Janet. Where are you? " I came racing down the stairs in my best dress to see my boyfriend staring at the new girl. "Honey you look nice. Don't you think Janet looks hot in her dress? What! can you believe him. He didn't even look at me!
             The movie was about to start at the theaters. Jake had to leave to get snacks. I didn't  know what to say. " I'm sorry for stealing your boyfriend this week. Your lucky to have him. He's probably the only nice guy in the world." said Janet with tears in her eyes." Yeah, I know he's awesome. but there are other guys out there." I said. "No there isn't, I moved here but not for the reason most people do. My ex boyfriend beat me. I finally was able to put him in jail. I come here to have a fresh start. It great how nice you guys are being. I appreciate it."
      "I'm sorry to hear that Janet." I'm sorry for judging you, for thinking you were stealing my man. "Hey want to hangout next week?" I asked her. "I like that a lot Julie, I don't have any friends yet." To the end to the movie I saw she was holding my hand. I didn't even try to let go. The new girl, Janet is pretty cool and I'm proud to say she is my friend.

Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm Home: short short story (test)

"Jenna... Jenna Wilkins. She hasn't changed much since you've been gone." I watch her walk by us, God she is so beautiful. Why did I ever leave her. Mrs. Finn keeps talking, "yeah, she's had a tough life. She lost her daddy when she was about five. The mother.... her mother has never been the same since, she blames Jenna for him leaving. she hasn't been the same since you left you know. She used . I know you hurt her but, you might be the only one that could save that girl from going down the wrong path. Don't dare you mess with her. I don't want you to hurt her again. Don't even think about it She's been through a lot already."
        I look at her. She looks so sad, not the girl I  remembered. She was once the exuberant one,  the one who was full of energy, always smiling.
      "What's her problem? Why is she ignoring everyone? "The girl I once knew had friends at every corner and never had an empty seat at her table. The old lady looks like she is about to cry at the question. "She doesn't  trust any of them. They bully her to such an extent that some days she will have bruises all over her body. Most times than not, she is over my house getting a cut cleaned or just for a shoulder to cry on.
 "Why do they pick on her so much?"
                  " It's because they are jealous. also the all the boys want her because she dated the most popular guy so they believe they deserve her but she doesn't want them. Those girls think that she's too pretty and the guys want her, but she doesn't want anything to do with them. They give her a tough time. She doesn't know how to stick up for herself or she just doesn't bother to. She wants nothing to do with these boys.

    " I'm okay Helen,   I should of never left her  in the first place." She just nods her head. " Just fix it sweetie and  please promise me you won't  ever hurt her again. She is such a nice girl. It always pains me to see her so sad."
     I look up at Helen, she's like a grandmother to everyone in this small town. " I won't Helen. I learned my lesson a long time ago."
      I walked the halls not even sure where the heck I'm going. I was about to turn around when I saw a flash of her  brown hair and navy blue sweat shirt turning the corner. Here's my chance.
      "Hey wait up, I need to ask you a question." I said a little out of breath.
   "Why don't  you ask someone else I'm kind of in a rush?" she was rushing down the hall, like she was running from something. She wasn't looking where she was going and a foot  stuck out right in front of her path causing her to fall and all her books  she was holding on to, went flying. " Ha! Jenna look where your going you weirdo, I won't be so nice to you next time." She got up like nothing. I turned around glaring at that boy. I wanted to punch this guy so hard. "Why don't you leave her alone." I spit out in anger, but he wasn't alone anymore. Everyone was  standing there and pointing. They were all laughing at her and taking pictures of her. I couldn't believe it. I turned just in time to see her running away I heard in the distance someone yelling my name but I didn't stop.  "Hey what was that about?"
     She shrugged her shoulders. " Its... nothing, just forget about it. Thanks to you, they got me before I could get to class. Those pictures will be all over school by first period". t She tried to avoid a guy who screamed at her across the hall.
    "Hey, Jenna you wanna go to dance with me, oh wait I forgot we are not good enough for you, idiot girl. Your missing out." Some jock yelled at her when she was running . "Why is he all up tight about you ignoring him?"
She stopped and looked me in the eyes for once. "I don't date anyone ever even if its just a dance. I... had a boyfriend before and h...he left me. I guess I just never let it go. I promised myself along time ago to never get involved with another guy." She looked like she was lost in thought. Is that what I really did to her? "Yeah, but I bet that guy meant no harm. Maybe he didn't want to leave. Maybe he had to."
   "How would you know how he was like?" she started walking towards me her voice raised every step she took towards me. "Three years ago. I thought he was the most sweetest guy ever, then he just drops from the end of the world. Then a week after he left he called me saying he has to do something and that he might never see me again." Tears streamed down her face like a waterfall. "He hurt me so bad I have never been into anyone since he left. Every guy I see, I end up judging him, like the one who hurt me. That's why the girls hate me. They can't believe how I'm not interested in any of them. Just leave me alone! Do what everyone else does. Ignore me!" She tried to storm off, but I grabbed her arm and swing her around to face me.
     "I don't want to ignore you though. Here's the deal I'll protect you from the bullies, but you got to hang out with me. Maybe even go to this dance with me?"
         After that encounter the day went by in a flash. All I can really remember seeing her blush when she said yes. I like how she's shy. That's the girl I know.

I'm currently chatting with her mom. She is so beautiful. Prettier than I ever remember her being. It took all my will power not to keep my mouth from opening. Hey what would of you done if you just saw the hottest girl ever? We head to the dance and everyone is gawking at her.
 Jenna looks like a goddess. Its been the best dance I ever been to.
    " Grab your partner guys and let's start this party!" The disco man yelled. I grabbed Jenna, ready to get this night on. I smiled remembering how she sucked at dancing.
        " You look so familiar, but I can't quite know why?" I look at her and I just know I can't hold it in anymore."Jenna Bear you remember me, honey. Your mind just doesn't want to believe it." She had a look of confusion in the beginning then it  morphed to anger.
    "I don't believe it." Tears clouded her eyes."Luke? why...how..Oh my god! You jerk. How dare you come back in my life." Her hand shot up from no where and slapped me square in the face and she was running. I knew where she would be. I  stepped outside in the cold December air. There she was running. I ran to catch up with her. I was able to slow her down and trap her behind a tree.     " Look I had to leave Jenna if I could of stayed I would of. Jenna I love you! Please look at me. Her eyes glistened with tears, but she still wouldn't look up to me. I grabbed her chin so she had to look at me.She looked like she was fighting an internal battle.
      "Oh, Luke I missed you so much! Don't  ever leave me again." She crashed her body  into me. Oh god, I missed her so much. "Don't worry Jenna I won't, never again." I was in her arms and I wasn't planning ever to let her go  ever again. I'm finally where I belong. I'm finally home.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The impossible Task: self deprecation


                I love to sing, but somehow singing just doesn’t love me back as much as I would want it to. I sing and sing, but i have the feeling the people i sing to are lying. they always have this forced smile on their face and always say i was amazing. My music teacher in sixth grade, who was also the chorus teacher at the time, believed that everyone could sing. She once had me stay after school so she could help me. Well… it didn’t go well, but even though she knew I couldn’t sing, she still insisted that I shouldn’t give up. She always lied to me and said I sound beautiful when I really know that I sound like a dying cow. Then there was that awful day when she decided for me to join chorus. I had no say in the matter. When I was standing there with all these other kids I was thinking, Yeah right and I’m supposed to be good as these prodigy geniuses who probably sing in their sleep to practice. Yeah I definitely fit in...Not. That was one of the issues, the other one was I couldn’t quite remember the words to the songs. So, I usually end up pretending that I knew them. After practice I would  go up to one of the geniuses and ask them. They would say it wicked fast and act like, Yeah, I know it so you should know it too. They must think im stupid, something which I probably am. A couple of years ago when the old music teacher retired, I just stopped going to practice. They never ran after me asking what happened, probably because no one cared. They were probably overjoyed saying, yes, the stupid tone deaf girl finally gave up. Finally! singing was never my forte, but sometimes you dont know your bad at something until you see it for yourself. I for one am not a perfect girl, but in my years I’ve learned one important thing in life. If you stink at something, don’t try to overcome being awful because no matter what, you can never try to fix your failures. you can try and try but you will never achieve that goal you want to so badly achieve. its just not going to happen. Just stick to things your good at and you will never have to feel embaressed about your talent. Do things your good at not things that you stink at.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Sweat trickling down my face. The sound of the fans going crazy pumping our adrenaline up. This has been the closest soccer match I have ever been in. Since the second half its been really hard to keep my eyes open. It didn't help that I had  five beers before this match. It seems like this has been happening often.  I have had so much stress lately from scouts that I usually end up grabbing the beer bottle to drown it out. Someone slams into me I don't remember ever seeing him. The referee calls it saying he fouled me on purpose. Yes! I actually  have a chance to win this match for my team. my coached waves his arm crazy asking for a time out to be called. The referee calls a time out. I remember trudging to the side lines thinking I'm going to win this game, but when I look up at my coach face I know he is going to ask me to do something i don't want to do. He puts his huge hand on my shoulder, I know what he is going to say. He wants me to over hit the ball so it doesn't  go into the net. I dont want to though, but I know I have too. He knows what he is doing. The whistle blows and the match starts again. The referee drops the ball in front of me, but I'm having a lot of trouble seeing the net in one place. It looks like there is two nets, but i know there isnt. I bring my leg back about to kick the soccer ball. It smacks it way left, the ball nailed one of the parents in the stands. I actually felt bad for that person. The buzzer goes off telling all of us that the match is over. We didnt make it all the way to the finals. We ended up dead last, but when I look up and see my team screaming their heads off. Maybe we did  actually achieve something, even if we lost. something much better. We achieved friendship, We are a family no matter what happens,even when we just lost the most important match of all time. Maybe my coach knew this. Even if we didnt know but our coach in a way brought us closer than ever and that in a way made us a greater team.