Friday, September 26, 2014

The new girl : Unreliable narrator

The new girl. She's been all over my boyfriend all week. I really don't appreciate her having him carry her books even though her arm is broken. I mean her arm might be broken but she could carry it in one hand. She just kissed him on the cheek! She kissed him! So she is new, everyone is going to forget about her in month. My boyfriend, Jake Oscars thinks he is being the nice boy and helping her around. I'm suppose to have all his attention always. Who the heck does this girl think she is? The new girl isn't even pretty. What the heck do all the boys see in her? They are staring at her like she is a piece of meat. Oh My God! I can't believe him he gave his number to that girl. I'm his girlfriend, the lead cheerleader and he is the star football player. We are meant to be together. Oh great, here comes the new girl and Jake now. "Sweetie Pie, I want  you to say hello to Janet. She's new here, I offered to go to the movies with us." She stared at him like he is god. Who the heck does this girl think she is? "Oh, of course. That would be lovely." Yeah right! Your coming to mess up our date. "How bout Janet meets us at my house because you will already be over my house. "My boyfriend was glaring at me." Honey she doesn't know where you live!" trying to keep his voice calm. "Oh right I forgot your the new girl." "yeah, she is so I'll pick her up and bring her with me when I come to you house."

 "Julie, I'm here with Janet. Where are you? " I came racing down the stairs in my best dress to see my boyfriend staring at the new girl. "Honey you look nice. Don't you think Janet looks hot in her dress? What! can you believe him. He didn't even look at me!
             The movie was about to start at the theaters. Jake had to leave to get snacks. I didn't  know what to say. " I'm sorry for stealing your boyfriend this week. Your lucky to have him. He's probably the only nice guy in the world." said Janet with tears in her eyes." Yeah, I know he's awesome. but there are other guys out there." I said. "No there isn't, I moved here but not for the reason most people do. My ex boyfriend beat me. I finally was able to put him in jail. I come here to have a fresh start. It great how nice you guys are being. I appreciate it."
      "I'm sorry to hear that Janet." I'm sorry for judging you, for thinking you were stealing my man. "Hey want to hangout next week?" I asked her. "I like that a lot Julie, I don't have any friends yet." To the end to the movie I saw she was holding my hand. I didn't even try to let go. The new girl, Janet is pretty cool and I'm proud to say she is my friend.

Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm Home: short short story (test)

"Jenna... Jenna Wilkins. She hasn't changed much since you've been gone." I watch her walk by us, God she is so beautiful. Why did I ever leave her. Mrs. Finn keeps talking, "yeah, she's had a tough life. She lost her daddy when she was about five. The mother.... her mother has never been the same since, she blames Jenna for him leaving. she hasn't been the same since you left you know. She used . I know you hurt her but, you might be the only one that could save that girl from going down the wrong path. Don't dare you mess with her. I don't want you to hurt her again. Don't even think about it She's been through a lot already."
        I look at her. She looks so sad, not the girl I  remembered. She was once the exuberant one,  the one who was full of energy, always smiling.
      "What's her problem? Why is she ignoring everyone? "The girl I once knew had friends at every corner and never had an empty seat at her table. The old lady looks like she is about to cry at the question. "She doesn't  trust any of them. They bully her to such an extent that some days she will have bruises all over her body. Most times than not, she is over my house getting a cut cleaned or just for a shoulder to cry on.
 "Why do they pick on her so much?"
                  " It's because they are jealous. also the all the boys want her because she dated the most popular guy so they believe they deserve her but she doesn't want them. Those girls think that she's too pretty and the guys want her, but she doesn't want anything to do with them. They give her a tough time. She doesn't know how to stick up for herself or she just doesn't bother to. She wants nothing to do with these boys.

    " I'm okay Helen,   I should of never left her  in the first place." She just nods her head. " Just fix it sweetie and  please promise me you won't  ever hurt her again. She is such a nice girl. It always pains me to see her so sad."
     I look up at Helen, she's like a grandmother to everyone in this small town. " I won't Helen. I learned my lesson a long time ago."
      I walked the halls not even sure where the heck I'm going. I was about to turn around when I saw a flash of her  brown hair and navy blue sweat shirt turning the corner. Here's my chance.
      "Hey wait up, I need to ask you a question." I said a little out of breath.
   "Why don't  you ask someone else I'm kind of in a rush?" she was rushing down the hall, like she was running from something. She wasn't looking where she was going and a foot  stuck out right in front of her path causing her to fall and all her books  she was holding on to, went flying. " Ha! Jenna look where your going you weirdo, I won't be so nice to you next time." She got up like nothing. I turned around glaring at that boy. I wanted to punch this guy so hard. "Why don't you leave her alone." I spit out in anger, but he wasn't alone anymore. Everyone was  standing there and pointing. They were all laughing at her and taking pictures of her. I couldn't believe it. I turned just in time to see her running away I heard in the distance someone yelling my name but I didn't stop.  "Hey what was that about?"
     She shrugged her shoulders. " Its... nothing, just forget about it. Thanks to you, they got me before I could get to class. Those pictures will be all over school by first period". t She tried to avoid a guy who screamed at her across the hall.
    "Hey, Jenna you wanna go to dance with me, oh wait I forgot we are not good enough for you, idiot girl. Your missing out." Some jock yelled at her when she was running . "Why is he all up tight about you ignoring him?"
She stopped and looked me in the eyes for once. "I don't date anyone ever even if its just a dance. I... had a boyfriend before and h...he left me. I guess I just never let it go. I promised myself along time ago to never get involved with another guy." She looked like she was lost in thought. Is that what I really did to her? "Yeah, but I bet that guy meant no harm. Maybe he didn't want to leave. Maybe he had to."
   "How would you know how he was like?" she started walking towards me her voice raised every step she took towards me. "Three years ago. I thought he was the most sweetest guy ever, then he just drops from the end of the world. Then a week after he left he called me saying he has to do something and that he might never see me again." Tears streamed down her face like a waterfall. "He hurt me so bad I have never been into anyone since he left. Every guy I see, I end up judging him, like the one who hurt me. That's why the girls hate me. They can't believe how I'm not interested in any of them. Just leave me alone! Do what everyone else does. Ignore me!" She tried to storm off, but I grabbed her arm and swing her around to face me.
     "I don't want to ignore you though. Here's the deal I'll protect you from the bullies, but you got to hang out with me. Maybe even go to this dance with me?"
         After that encounter the day went by in a flash. All I can really remember seeing her blush when she said yes. I like how she's shy. That's the girl I know.

I'm currently chatting with her mom. She is so beautiful. Prettier than I ever remember her being. It took all my will power not to keep my mouth from opening. Hey what would of you done if you just saw the hottest girl ever? We head to the dance and everyone is gawking at her.
 Jenna looks like a goddess. Its been the best dance I ever been to.
    " Grab your partner guys and let's start this party!" The disco man yelled. I grabbed Jenna, ready to get this night on. I smiled remembering how she sucked at dancing.
        " You look so familiar, but I can't quite know why?" I look at her and I just know I can't hold it in anymore."Jenna Bear you remember me, honey. Your mind just doesn't want to believe it." She had a look of confusion in the beginning then it  morphed to anger.
    "I don't believe it." Tears clouded her eyes."Luke? my god! You jerk. How dare you come back in my life." Her hand shot up from no where and slapped me square in the face and she was running. I knew where she would be. I  stepped outside in the cold December air. There she was running. I ran to catch up with her. I was able to slow her down and trap her behind a tree.     " Look I had to leave Jenna if I could of stayed I would of. Jenna I love you! Please look at me. Her eyes glistened with tears, but she still wouldn't look up to me. I grabbed her chin so she had to look at me.She looked like she was fighting an internal battle.
      "Oh, Luke I missed you so much! Don't  ever leave me again." She crashed her body  into me. Oh god, I missed her so much. "Don't worry Jenna I won't, never again." I was in her arms and I wasn't planning ever to let her go  ever again. I'm finally where I belong. I'm finally home.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The impossible Task: self deprecation


                I love to sing, but somehow singing just doesn’t love me back as much as I would want it to. I sing and sing, but i have the feeling the people i sing to are lying. they always have this forced smile on their face and always say i was amazing. My music teacher in sixth grade, who was also the chorus teacher at the time, believed that everyone could sing. She once had me stay after school so she could help me. Well… it didn’t go well, but even though she knew I couldn’t sing, she still insisted that I shouldn’t give up. She always lied to me and said I sound beautiful when I really know that I sound like a dying cow. Then there was that awful day when she decided for me to join chorus. I had no say in the matter. When I was standing there with all these other kids I was thinking, Yeah right and I’m supposed to be good as these prodigy geniuses who probably sing in their sleep to practice. Yeah I definitely fit in...Not. That was one of the issues, the other one was I couldn’t quite remember the words to the songs. So, I usually end up pretending that I knew them. After practice I would  go up to one of the geniuses and ask them. They would say it wicked fast and act like, Yeah, I know it so you should know it too. They must think im stupid, something which I probably am. A couple of years ago when the old music teacher retired, I just stopped going to practice. They never ran after me asking what happened, probably because no one cared. They were probably overjoyed saying, yes, the stupid tone deaf girl finally gave up. Finally! singing was never my forte, but sometimes you dont know your bad at something until you see it for yourself. I for one am not a perfect girl, but in my years I’ve learned one important thing in life. If you stink at something, don’t try to overcome being awful because no matter what, you can never try to fix your failures. you can try and try but you will never achieve that goal you want to so badly achieve. its just not going to happen. Just stick to things your good at and you will never have to feel embaressed about your talent. Do things your good at not things that you stink at.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Sweat trickling down my face. The sound of the fans going crazy pumping our adrenaline up. This has been the closest soccer match I have ever been in. Since the second half its been really hard to keep my eyes open. It didn't help that I had  five beers before this match. It seems like this has been happening often.  I have had so much stress lately from scouts that I usually end up grabbing the beer bottle to drown it out. Someone slams into me I don't remember ever seeing him. The referee calls it saying he fouled me on purpose. Yes! I actually  have a chance to win this match for my team. my coached waves his arm crazy asking for a time out to be called. The referee calls a time out. I remember trudging to the side lines thinking I'm going to win this game, but when I look up at my coach face I know he is going to ask me to do something i don't want to do. He puts his huge hand on my shoulder, I know what he is going to say. He wants me to over hit the ball so it doesn't  go into the net. I dont want to though, but I know I have too. He knows what he is doing. The whistle blows and the match starts again. The referee drops the ball in front of me, but I'm having a lot of trouble seeing the net in one place. It looks like there is two nets, but i know there isnt. I bring my leg back about to kick the soccer ball. It smacks it way left, the ball nailed one of the parents in the stands. I actually felt bad for that person. The buzzer goes off telling all of us that the match is over. We didnt make it all the way to the finals. We ended up dead last, but when I look up and see my team screaming their heads off. Maybe we did  actually achieve something, even if we lost. something much better. We achieved friendship, We are a family no matter what happens,even when we just lost the most important match of all time. Maybe my coach knew this. Even if we didnt know but our coach in a way brought us closer than ever and that in a way made us a greater team.