Saturday, December 13, 2014

Those Teachers

Do you know the feeling when you get a  test back and you thought you really did well,but then you turn it around to see you failed it? Or the time when your teacher says its going to be an easy test then when you get it you dont know any of the questions? teachers can be a pain in the but sometimes. Am i right? One minute your on the teacher's good side then the next your getting a detention for no reason. The spanish teacher i had for my first year of highschool was the most confusing teacher ever! the worst part was you couldnt say "SHUT UP!" Like really of all the words you could say it has to be that one. the one everyone says on a daily basis. almost every class i had for her she caught someone saying that word. And guess what her punishment was! yeah it was cleaning her classroom. I mean i love her but i was never caught saying shut up in her class, so i cant really complain.

                Do you know the feeling in the morning when you get to your first period class and your thinking God is the day over yet. Wanting to slam your head on the table because you feel like dying. Yeah why dont teachers understand we students brains dont work until at least ten oclock. what the teachers really dont know is that all we students here is blah blah homework blah blah blah test next class blah blah see you next class. Thats not even the worse part. the worst part is when you get bombarded with homework. your like yeah i have no freaking life thanks for making me have a reason not to have a life! And all the teachers get angry when you dont do their work what they dont understand is they have five other different homeworks they had to do on top of the homework do in that class.

            Dont you just love math class when your doing quadratic equations and polynomials and then you have that one student who asks why they have to do it? then the teacher's answer is because in life you have to do it. Then when you ask them how you use it in life they either dont have an answer or they "  because if you want to be a math teacher later in life then you have to." Who the heck wants to be a math teacher when you get older? Oh yeah no one! We are never going to use any of this stuff later in life.

            I walk into the school remembering how aweful this school was. The same old cranky teachers, halls smeeling like mildew. I enter the classroom all the boys are nudging each other saying cruel things to each other. one word in particular catches my attention. "shut up!" i turn my head and look at the boy, black hair that always is covering his eyes, blue eyes that you can barely see peeks out from under his long hair. oh yes that is definetly him, Jimmy Johnson. The teacher doesnt even look up from what she was doing and she says that one aweful word that everyone hates to hear.

that one word that ruins everyones day when you hear it. all the students go back to their warm up. currently doing the math problems on the board, Jimmy raises his hand. The teacher looks at him.

                       "Yes Jimmy"
He hesitates first, " Mrs. murphy why do we have to do this math work. i mean we are like never going to use this in class."
                                            Everyone in the class agrees everyone attentive for my answer to his question. " Why jimmy thats a excellent question."

                      I get up from my desk leaving my grading for later, i walk up to th front, everyone staring at me, waiting for the answer.

                I smile enjoying this mment in life where i can reflect and see how i thought about the same thing at the same age. " Why Jimmy there is only one reason for doing math probelms and all the homework you have in school."

" Its because you have to use this material later in life."


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