Friday, December 5, 2014

(list poem) the advice

1. When someone comes up to you and asks you to be a partner in their project, say no.

2. When your brother asks for a favor saying " its really important" ignore him and tell him no.

3. In school, don't be that person who skips classes and doesn't do work because your going to pay for
 it later in life.

4. Never ever let a guy ask you out by texting because nothing can come out good from technology.

5. When you leave an essay to the night before its due, you know its going to get a failing grade. Don't do that.

6. When your dog comes into your room begging for something, don't ignore him because in the
future he will get back for you ignoring him.

7. Don't ever believe your friends when they say its P J day and  then you end up being the only one in them all day.

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