Thursday, January 22, 2015

The plan( modest proposal) (second midterm examination)


             The warming of the earth has been scaring people for years. Just the thought of the world  some day ending scares the crap out of people, its all our fault too. If we didn't burn gasoline so much and do things to our environment that is bad for it, the glaciers in Antarctica would not be disappearing. If you cared about those polar bears at all ,we would have stopped this epidemic long time ago. Our lives have changed drastically when humans first came on earth, till the present now. Look we have so much advancements in technology, its crazy! I mean, most of it is good, but some of it is just ridiculous. Teenagers these days don't even know how to socialize without their phones. Don’t get me started on obesity, we people are so lazy now a days and because technology took the hard work out of things means we don't work our bodies like we used to. Technology is the problem, if we never created cars and other things that ran on gas and gave off poisonous fumes, then we would be better off. We humans would be better off if technology never existed.

You know when you go driving in the car with your parents and you get stuck in traffic, if cars didn't exist we wouldn't have all those cars emissions going into the atmosphere and screwing with our weather and climate. Did you know every year the average temperature in the world goes up to about one degree? That means, one day we may never see snow because the temperature will go up. Can you even imagine winter without snow, ever? What is worst is some day winter might altogether disappear and so would fall because the climate change is so screwy. If we do not fix this, we might screw the world so much that we may never be able to go back to normal.

There are many solutions over the years people have come up, but they are stupid. They say we should make cars that run on electricity or solar powered but that's stupid how do you know if you have enough power to  get home? What happens if you get stranded? The real question is do we really have the resources and brains to create a transportation like that. And if we do, would they force everyone to buy that so called eco friendly car, or will it be too expensive for everyone to buy one? My solution is way better and you won't have to waste your money on stupid cars that go five miles per hour, if you're lucky. My plan is simple because we have those bad gasses collecting right in the atmosphere where the sun's rays hit the atmosphere. It causes us to hold on to that heat when really we don't need it. Its like every year you add on a blanket and  so every year you get more blankets that you can never take off! My idea is we will construct this huge vacuum that will be able to suck up all the bad gasses in the atmosphere hence “taking off the blankets” and shooting the gasses far, far away somewhere into space so we will never worry bout a thing. Now I know what you are thinking, that it is impossible to build and be able to ship it up into space, well it isn't. Have we not been able to get into space before successfully? If you say no your just being a smart butt because we have. You know those rocket ships NASA used to use, yeah those ones we can build something in around the same kind of idea. You may be saying it impossible to build that big thing because we don’t have enough metal well think about all those cars we have it would be a shame if they just piled up right. Why don't we use the extra metal from the cars and planes that are no longer in use to build the vacuum? Think about it, we could create jobs for people. It would be amazing and we would be saving the world its a win-win.

To make sure we never have to worry about the collection of the gas again, we already got rid of cars and already proven that technology is the reason for ruining our world so why don’t we just throw it out completely? if we got rid of cars then we should just get rid of time all together. People only really needed a car to rush to work, but you see, if we don’t have cars then what's the use to getting to work. Why don’t we just make work be the easiest commute and that would be your own home. We will go back to agriculture lifestyle and not an industrial. Yes we are basically reversing time and doing what our ancestors did. Obesity would be solved altogether, because people would be doing labor they would lose weight. They wouldn't be sitting on their butts, they would be actually burning off that fat. The obesity epidemic would be solved but better than that our lives would be better. Cell phones wouldn't exist anymore meaning people will have to socialize, meaning better relationships all together and maybe just maybe less divorces. The people wouldn't jump right into marriage without knowing who they were marrying they would actually find the right person and settle down. You see this idea of mine solves so many more things then just climate change. My idea solves everything, we humans will be so better off with this idea so what you waiting for get your butt over here and help us get this idea up and rolling. It's not going to take one person to get the ball rolling. We have won this battle my friends now lets change the world!

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