Thursday, January 22, 2015

the crime scene (hybridize fan fiction) (third examination midterm)

                     "MCGEE!" Screamed Leroy Jethro Gibbs. All of NCIS was in complete chaos, trying to see through the green spectrum of light. "Where the hell are we?" Demanded Gibbs.
              " Umm..... well, boss, it look like we are in Hogsmead, Scotland." McGee said uncertainly, typing away at his computer.
                    "Oh that reminds me of the movi-....OW!" cut off by Gibbs head slapping him, Tony noticed the green light was starting to disappear.
                  There it stood. The huge citadel  barely visible through the fog. Yes, Hogwarts was in full swing with  spells flying around and the flying brooms wizzing by people.
       "Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on?" Demanded a frustrated Gibbs.
                 "Well it seems that we are in some mythological time frame where young men and woman use magic to solve their problems. That  reminds me of the time...."Ducky was cut off by a mysterious shaped woman and a old bearded man who was wearing a gown.
                  " Yes, it seems that one of our students has been murdered by another student." McGonagall said with sadness etched in her eyes.
             "I see. Where can we start?"
they were lead into the castle where the crime scene was.
           " Jethro, look at this body. It is spectacular! It is nothing I've seen before." With excitement Ducky started weighing the heart.
    "Poor dear. So young. My dear, who ever did this to you will surely pay for what they have done. I once had a friend who lost his finger ...."
               " What do you got ducky?" said Gibbs without his signature coffee cup.
                        "Well as you know this person was killed by a magic that I don't know much about. What I do know however is that there is nothing wrong with the body. it seems that whatever spell was used stopped the heart."
                " It looks like the Avada Kedavra spell. It's the only spell that kills someone," said a small, frizzy-haired girl.
        "who are you?" Demanded Gibbs.
            " I am Hermione Granger, sir."
                "And what are you doing here?"
    " I was sent to bring you to dinner, sir. You and your whole team will be eating with Gryffindor tonight sir." she starts heading towards the dead girl, staring at her sadly. " I knew this girl you know. I grew up with her, her brother is my best friend. Does he know what happened to her?"
"No one was supposed to know yet!" Gibbs said in an angry tone
"I'm sorry sir they told me because they thought I could help with your investigation. I will just go now, don't be too long dinner will be served soon." Hermione left. Ducky turned to Gibbs.
                   " Jethro, I wish we were back home. This work place is so.... I miss my room." both ducky and Gibbs headed to the dining hall.
      " Gibbs! Gibbs, Gibbs! look what I found." Abbey Shuto screamed running into the room wearing the Hogwarts uniform.
              " I need my caffeine Gibbs! They don't have coffee or anything."
" I know Abbs It's torture," said Gibbs sadly" everyone seated at the Gryffindor table next to the frizzy haired girl named Hermione and a black haired kid with a scar on his forehead.
"Please, everyone, let's welcome the NCIS agents for coming to help us figure out the crime." bellowed Dumbledore.

                                The whole room instantly exclaimed, with the loud clapping of the thousand students. After dinner the team went into the Gryffindor lounge area.

     "Oh MY GOD, Gibbs! Look at these thingy- mabobs."  Abbs came running waving a wand around. Abby turns to the students, she took it from. " What do you call this?"
               "Bloody hell, woman! what have you been doing? living under a rock?"
                   "Ron, be nice to her. She is a muggle." Defended Hermione.
    "So what are you guys like math maticians?"
                  "Ziva, you mean magiticans." said  Dinozzo rolling his eyes.], Ziva turned to him with a look of evil and head slapped him. They returned to the dinning hall to have a meeting.
 "Everyone, listen up, Screamed Gibbs. Everyone's attention was suddenly drawn to him. "We figured out the murderer of miss Ginny Weasley."
Ron instantly turned pale, not knowing it was his sister who died.
"She was killed by a death spell. Does anyone know who could of have cast this spell?"

Almost everyone in the room put their hand up. " Yeah, you" He picked a boy with blonde  hair from slytherin.
 " Of course  it's the dark lord He- who-must-not-be-named."

"and who the hell is that?"
"sir, we do not say his name. It-"
" i don't care! What is his name?"
well I guess we just have to go and find this guy. Where can we find him?

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